About me

Now been living it Stockholm, Sweden since 2008, after living in London and working as a graphic designer. 


I fell in to a life long love with photography, starting with street photography in London, being an introvert, I loved being alone and capturing what I saw on the streets. What attracted me to shooting headshots and portraits was when I got asked to shoot my first corporate session, didn’t really know all that much about it, but knew, even being an introvert, it was something I wanted to look into. 


Fast forward several years, as well as now fast building knowledge of headshot photography, I started shooting actors of varying experience from students to award winning talent. Now my work is getting people headhunted for series on Netflix and Viaplay to name a few. 


I do feel my biggest asset to enable myself to get the best out people, is that I’m a people person, knowing how to make them comfortable and at ease, that’s what gets them noticed and in turn, getting auditions.  


Even though my style evolves and also on the technical side I do a lot of upgrades to be able to have the best tools I can, I am very much a photorealist. When you come to me with a booking request we'll together talk through what your needs and expectations are. I will do some basic editing, that's always included but when it comes to retouching I don't do that in excess, mainly because I like my pictures to be realistic. 


Any questions or thoughts you might have send me an email or give me a call. 



Sean Lewthwaite


M: 0707 253 323