About me

I am a scotsman now living in Stockholm since 2008. 

I obtained most of my adult education in Glasgow, Scotland studying graphic design. Started with courses in art and design and communication, entailing fine art, photography and graphics. 
I went on to having a successful in London working for companies such as Thomson Reuters, Jane´s Information group and the BBC. 

When I moved to Stockholm I rediscovered my love for photography and I started out with focusing on street photography and events, moving on to weddings and corporate headshots and now mainly working with headshots and portraits and I still do weddings on requests.

Having spent the best part of 14 years in graphics/media, I have worked extensively with images and I have a good eye for what makes a good picture. 

My greatest strength though is being able to connect to all sorts of people in every walk of life and situation and that way making them feel comfortable and together we create a great picture. 

Even though my style evolves and also on the technical side I do a lot of upgrades to be able to have the best tools I can, I am very much a photorealist. When you come to me with a booking request we'll together talk through what your needs and expectations are. I will do some basic editing, that's always included but when it comes to retouching I don't do that in excess, mainly because I like my pictures to be realistic. 
Any questions or thoughts you might have send me an email or give me a call. 
Sean Lewthwaite

M: 0707 253 323