Before your awesome session!

So, you have booked your amazing session  with me, there will be a few things that you will need to know before your session. from make up, styling and, importantly what is it you are needing the portraits for, acting, social media or a gift for someone who is looking for images that stand out from the competition.  


There are a few options that I can arrange for you if wish, I have the privilege of working with highly talented make up artists and hair stylists. We can go through this when making your booking, if you require the use of them or not, for women, I would recommend using one.


Make up artists I have used, feel free to contact them for openings and prices.



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Stylists, that is generally your self, with my guidance, not unless you have one yourself. But I generally suggest wearing what you most feel comfortable in, on a day to day basis. Together we'll talk through what your wish for the session is and most important what are the pictures going to be used for, and then I can approach the session appropriately. 

For headshots try and avoid distracting patterns on clothing, as this is about your face, you don't want the casting director being distracted by your clothes. Keep it neutral and simple.

The day before your session, get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids. I wouldn't recommend getting a facial or getting your eyebrows done the day before since that can stress your skin. Don't stay up late the night before, this will only make you look tired and worn out, the idea of the head shot is to make you look the best you can, bags under the eyes isn't a good look and there is only so much Photoshop can do. You want to walk in to the casting room looking like your headshot.

Clothing, you can bring a few outfits of clothing to give yourself a few different looks, again, keep it simple, its not fashion week you are being shot for.

We do have three beagles, so if you aren't too fond of dogs let me know, so I can make arrangements prior for you getting here. I am also available for on location shoots and if it you want a bigger shoot I have options to rent big fully stocked studios. 

If you have any questions after our initial contact, please let me know as I want this to be a good experience for you and hopefully get you coming back in the future.

If you need to change the date of the session, please give me at least 48 hours if possible, emergencies can't be helped. We will fix another date for your session.


After your session

So directly after your shoot, we’ll sit down together and go through the pictures. We’ll highlight which ones you like and that way I’ll know which pictures to focus on. 

I always aim to deliver a few pictures the same day, as I know that most clients either needs them for a job application or social media. 

All the pictures will be delivered in 2 weeks, but weddings during peek season May-September can take up to 4 weeks. But if there is a rush on getting your pictures please let me know and I can make arrangements for that. 

I work differently than other photographers, so a session with me means that you get all pictures taken that are of good quality, with basic editing and delivered in high resolution. They will be delivered through a transfer site or if you wish a memory stick. As all photographers, no raw files will be supplied. 

If you want printed copies or any other printed media let me know, and I’ll arrange that for you. 

Use on social media, if you do NOT want your images to be used on social media, please let me know prior to session. 


—- Please note —-


Depending on how busy I am at the time of your session with me, I strive to get all photos to you in the fastest possible time frame. If you wish to have them faster, an additional cost of 450:- will be added to the session, as I will have to work longer time archive fast delivery.


— Please note —